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Tips to Follow When Selecting a Juicer There are various things that affect the choice of any equipment that you buy. It is these factors that guide towards purchasing equipment that will serve you and like it. Should you make a blind decision, you will experience inefficiency and costly errors. When you buy a juicer, your intention is to buy one that can meet your needs. There are some juicers that boast of several features and cost more than others. Before you dig into your pocket and pay that price, ask yourself whether you need those features. The capacity of the juicer features as one of the critical factors. Most of the juicers capacity range between one and three liters. Most important to consider is the amount of output you need at a time. Remember to buy a large juicer if you want to make large volumes of blends at a time. On the other hand, small juicers are cheap and don’t take a lot of space. Another factor that you want to consider is the materials used to make the juicer. In most cases, the footage is made of metal or plastic. For the metal footage, it is heavier and stable. It will, however, be sold at a higher price than that of the plastic footage. Glass or plastic is used for the upper part.
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It is important to be keen on the wattage of the juicer. The juicer wattage can range from 500watts to 2000watts. It is fast and easy to use the high wattage juicers. They will also cost a fortune as compared to the low wattage juicers. In case you don’t need to do a lot of blending, you can go for the low wattage juicers.
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Another significant factor to consider is the functions of the juicer. You may need the juicer for fruits and vegetable. A simple juicer can serve you if this is the case. If you need a juicer that has a cream smasher, ice chamber and such other factors, you will need to buy a juicer with multiple features. You would expect to pay a higher price for this juicer. The settings levels and numbers are important as well. A juicer with multiple settings allows you to make blends of different textures and types. You can as well use different speed for a variety of items. You also have an option to choose between the countertop and immersion juicers. Most people prefer the countertop juicers. Countertops juicers come in different colors to allow you to choose one that matches your home d?cor. The immersion types are usually small. A good countertop juicer will have a chamber for safe keeping of cords when not in use.